What ambitious people have been asking us

What can you expect from the three months acceleration programme?

1) Equity-free cash stipend starting at 7,5K€ and up to 12.5K€
2) Support by our Maze X team comprised of experts in Product, Tech, Sales, etc.
3) Top-notch network of mentors and investors
4) Free co-working space in one of Lisbon’s coolest locations for nine months
5) Opportunity to explore a commercial pilot within a large corporate

What does the opportunity of testing a pilot with a corporate mean?

We will use the initial 3-month acceleration phase to identify suitable partnerships and define a promising pilot concept, that we will work as hard as we can to be implemented within our network of corporate partners. In other words, it’s a continuous effort to drive commercial opportunities for the selected ventures.

Is it mandatory to test a pilot with a corporate?

No, it is not mandatory to test a pilot with a corporate. We believe a corporate pilot is a great commercial opportunity to further develop the participating ventures. However, we will only encourage a corporate pilot if it will be a good fit for both.

What does the international roadshow entail?

The international roadshow will take place after the three months acceleration program and will give ventures the opportunity to pitch their business to various investor networks throughout Europe’s biggest start-ups hubs.

Are the activities included in the programme mandatory?

Yes and No. There are sessions during the week that are mandatory, while others are voluntary and open to the community. However, the programme is structured so that founders have time to work on their business.

Will you give any welcoming support?

Yes. We’ll try to help you find a place to live in Lisbon during the 3 months. Also, we’ll prepare a welcoming pack with information about the city.

Does the programme have any costs for ventures?

No. All the customized support to each venture, including key activities such as expert mentoring, training modules or themed clinics are completely free. Nevertheless, the founders must cover their living expenses, for which they can use the provided equity-free cash stipend.

Does MAZE / Maze X invest in the ventures?

Admission to the program does not result in Maze directly investing in the ventures (the stipend is equity free, so it is not an investment). However, we will have every week, investors in house from the 40M€ VC MSM Impact fund - jointly managed by Maze and the UK-based VC firm Mustard Seed. Additionally, a wide network of international investors will be engaged from the start.

Is it mandatory to be physically in Lisbon during the three months programme?

Yes, we expect at least 2 decision-makers (at least one founder) to move to Lisbon for 3 months. During the subsequent six-month support, participants will have free access to office space in Lisbon, but do not need to be present.

Is it mandatory for the venture to be legally incorporated in Europe?

No, ventures are welcome to participate in Maze X even if they are not originally from a European country. However, our focus and added-value lies within the European impact ecosystem, so the venture should be interested in seizing opportunities in Europe.

How much traction is required for a venture to apply?

We are looking for ventures that already show some traction on their key metrics to measure success. These metrics can vary from venture to venture and will be assessed on a case-by-case basis. However, having only an idea with no traction is unlikely to result in admission.

Can a one-person company be selected to Maze X?

No, if there is only one team member, you will not be selected for Maze X. In our experience, in order to ensure the growth and success of a company, it is of utmost importance to have a team behind a venture.

Can I move the entire team for the program?

Unfortunately, space is limited so it is only possible for us to ensure coworking space to 2/3 team members of the team - one of them needs to be a founder. If having more people is critical, let's discuss and see if we can find a solution together.

What do you mean by lock-step model?

Lock-step model refers to businesses where revenue and impact are mutually reinforcing. Which is equivalent to say that by every additional € generated, the greater the capacity to solve a social or environmental challenge. To learn more about how we see impact management and measurement at Maze X visit Impact Management Project

When is the application deadline?

Applications close on January 5th 2020.

I’ve applied and haven’t heard back! When will I get an answer?

Our team is working really hard on evaluating all the applications. We’ll get in touch in the weeks after the deadline.

Do you give feedback on application results?

We will try to give feedback to all the applications, but we can’t guarantee it.

What is your selection criteria?

We are looking for amazing teams that know exactly what problem they are trying to solve. The market opportunity of the solution needs to be clear, as well the business and impact models. We are looking for startups that have already some traction and proved their concept with their MVP. And finally, we want to choose startups that will benefit from being in the programme and to which the value of our help is real.

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